Tent and forest, campfire

Dear HBS Family, 

We need your assistance! As our 6th graders head to Science Camp, we are in need of the following items that your family may have outgrown. Please check the list and donate gently-used snow gear items, if possible:

Snow Boots: Men's size 10, 9, 8, 7; Women's size  4, 7.5,  8; Youth :  size 7

Gloves/Mittens: Youth Large (1 pair), Medium (2 pair); Adult Men's Small (2 pair), Medium (1 pair); Women's: Medium, Large (1 pair)

Snow Pants: Men's 28, 30, 32; Women's small (2 pair), medium (1 pair); Youth large (1 pair), medium (1 pair)

Snow Jacket: Men's medium (2), small (1); Women's:  medium (2)

Wool Hats/Beanies: 7 total any sizing

Please send all donations to Mr. Satterberg, Beach 6th grade, via the office. Thank you for your kindness and generosity for our 6th Grade students!

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